Sunday, 26 January 2014

September 1909 Territorials' Church Parade

Following the transformation and reorganisation of the old Volunteer movement in 1908 all existing Battalions throughout the country were rebranded as the Territorials. It was not until the following year that the Battalion received their new uniforms.

The local newspaper reported it thus:

"On Sunday afternoon the local Territorial’s, together with a number from East Grinstead attended Divine service at the Crawley Parish Church the rev. H. L. Barratt-Lennard preaching an inspiring and appropriate sermon. Mr A. T. Harmes presided at the organ, and the service, which was largely attended, was very bright and enjoyable.

The East Grinstead men were met at Three Bridges by the Crawley contingent, and the bands of both enlivened the marches to and fro. After the service the “Terriers” had refreshments at The Railway Hotel, and subsequently they marched back to Three Bridges, the East Grinstead men completing their journey from this point in brakes. In their new uniform the men looked extremely smart, and quite a crowd gathered to watch their arrival and departure. Capt. Beale was in command and Lieut. Hankey was also present. The N.C.O’s on parade were Sergt. – Inst. Nye and Sergts. Cook, Thornton, Smeed, Warner, Cullen and Grayling."

Also appearing in that weeks Crawley column were lineage advertisements from John Penfold & Son, corn merchants and H. Clement Pace, dressmakers. Both Penfold and Pace would lose sons in the coming conflict. 

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