Sunday, 12 January 2014

One Hundred Years Ago........

In early 1914 the Cook family business, now being run by the three brothers, Ted, Bert and Chris, was thriving. Projects recently completed were a school in Preston Park, Brighton and renovations to the Three Bridges railway station. 

The heir apparent to the business, Eddie Cook, was attending the Grammar School at Brighton where outside of the classroom he was making a name for himself on the cricket pitch, but during the winter months he played football for his school house.

Eddie played for Marshall House against Smith House and the report reads - 

Play at first was very even. Collins made several attempts to break through, but was unsuccessful, while the Marshall forwards showed lack of combination. They improved later, and Cook scored the first goal. After the interval, Marshall had most of the game. Cook scored again, and Taylor time after time dribbled right up the field and at last succeeded in giving Marshall a third goal. The Smith House defence were playing a useful game but they had too much to do, and Hawkins gave Marshall a further lead. The Smith forward strained every nerve to score, and just before time, were rewarded through Long. Result Marshall House 4, Smith House 1.

The following week, Eddie also played for the School Second Eleven:

At the start of the game the Taunton House forwards made several good rushes, during one of which they managed to score. The Second Eleven were awarded a penalty kick owing to one of the opposing backs handling the ball but Secretan failed to score from it and half time came with the score 1-0 against us. In the second half he game livened up considerably, and our forwards, through Cook, soon scored. Our opponents, however, quickly took the lead again, scoring from a corner kick. After some good play in midfield, Hawkins neatly netted the ball, from a good centre by Collins, but the opposing right back ran right through and scored. Before time was reached both sides had added another goal to their score, with the School Second Eleven losing 4-3. 

Renny Richardson.

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